#TrendingTopic: Privacy Best Practices for #SocialMedia

July 24th, 2013

Adam Hughes

Today, social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and others have become part of our daily routine, connecting us with others to get the latest news and trends or to stay up to date on our favorite topics. In government, Federal agencies are leveraging social media websites to engage customers, understand and address issues raised by the public, and advance operational missions. To assist agencies with leveraging these communication tools, the CIO Council has published a new guide: Privacy Best Practices for Social Media.

Social media is a critical tool for agencies to use as they move toward a digital, open government. When used effectively, social media can be an incredibly powerful set of tools, precisely because they can connect agencies directly to diverse audiences and opinions. Privacy Best Practices for Social Media addresses ways the Federal Government can use social media for information sharing, situational awareness, and to support agency operations. The guide covers many privacy best practices for establishing a social media program, from pulling together an intra-agency team of experts, to establishing internal social media polices and ensuring transparency through the use of published privacy notices and documentation.

One of the Federal Government’s most important goals is to provide citizens, customers, and partners with easy access to information and services. The Privacy Best Practices for Social Media guide helps agencies realize one aspect of that goal by adapting to using new technologies and tools in the changing social environment.

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