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Type Name Topic Area Type of DOC Date
ROI and the Value PuzzleGuidanceGuidance04/18/1999
How To Guide: Value Measuring MethodologyGeneralReport10/01/2002
Memo to CIOs: Guidance for Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 12 ImplementationGeneralGuidance05/23/2008
Federal CIO Council Transition GuideCouncil DocumentsCouncil Admin01/07/2009
IT Quarterly Forum - Cloud ComputingCloudTraining & Info01/29/2009
Designation of Certification and Accreditation Shared Service Centers under the Information Systems Security Line of BusinessGeneralGuidance01/29/2009
Initial Implementing Guidance for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009GeneralGuidance02/19/2009
Cloud Computing: An Operational Perspective from DISACloudTraining & Info03/03/2009
Cloud Computing ConceptsCloudTraining & Info03/03/2009
Customer Information Day for C&A Shared Service CentersShared ServicesTraining & Info03/26/2009
Updated Implementing Guidance for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009GeneralGuidance04/06/2009
Improving Grants.govGeneralGuidance04/09/2009
Interim Guidance Regarding Communications With Registered Lobbyists About Recovery Act FundsGeneralGuidance04/09/2009
2008 Clinger-Cohen Core CompetenciesWorkforceTraining & Info05/01/2009
2008 Clinger-Cohen Core Competencies and Learning ObjectivesWorkforceCIO Council05/01/2009
IT Job Shadow Day ToolkitWorkforceTraining & Info05/03/2009
Personal Identity Verification Interoperability for Non-Federal IssuersGeneralReport05/05/2009
Planning Guide / Roadmap Toward IPv6 Adoption in the U.S. GovernmentIPv6Guidance05/22/2009
IT Dashboard Initial GuidanceGeneralGuidance06/09/2009
IT Dashboard Open HousesGeneralTraining & Info06/12/2009
IT Job Shadow Day GuideWorkforceTraining & Info06/18/2009
IT Job Shadow Day ToolkitWorkforceTraining & Info06/18/2009
IT Dashboard FAQsGeneralTraining & Info06/28/2009
2009 Federal IT and Privacy SummitsPrivacyTraining & Info07/08/2009
Everything You Want To Know About SecurityGeneralTraining & Info07/14/2009
IT Quarterly Forum - Social MediaGeneralTraining & Info07/30/2009
CPO Boot CampCouncil DocumentsCouncil Admin08/04/2009
FY 2009 Reporting Instructions for FISMA and Agency Privacy ManagementGeneralGuidance08/21/2009
Guidelines for Secure Use of Social Media by Federal Departments and Agencies, v1.0GeneralGuidance09/17/2009
Data Call for the 2009 and 2010 Information Collection BudgetsGeneralGuidance10/01/2009
2009 Federal Identity Management and Cybersecurity ConferenceGeneralTraining & Info10/30/2009
Government 2.0: Privacy and Best PracticesPrivacyTraining & Info11/18/2009
Identity and Access ManagementGeneralTraining & Info11/20/2009
Web 2.0 - Balancing Innovation with SecurityGeneralTraining & Info11/20/2009
2010 CIO Council Leadership Awards Call for NominationsCouncil DocumentsCouncil Admin12/16/2009
Memo For CIOs: Federal Data Center Consolidation InitiativeData Center ConsolidationPresentation02/26/2010
[HISTORICAL] FDDCI Agency Consolidation Plan TemplateData Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical02/26/2010
SSA Guide: Producing Accessible Word and PDF Documents, Version 2.0.1AccessibilityTraining & Info03/01/2010
DON CIO Cyber IT Management and WorkforceWorkforceReport03/03/2010
Information Security Workforce Dev. Matrix UpdateWorkforceReport03/03/2010
Federal Cyber Security Education InitiativesGeneralTraining & Info03/03/2010
OPM Cyber Security Workforce InitiativesGeneralTraining & Info03/03/2010
Federal Enterprise Architecture Security and Privacy Profile, version 3Enterprise ArchitectureGuidance03/10/2010
Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative FAQsData Center ConsolidationTraining & Info03/16/2010
Creating Accessible PDFs DocumentsAccessibilityTraining & Info03/19/2010
NetGeneration: Preparing for Change in the Federal Information Technology WorkforceWorkforceReport04/27/2010
[HISTORICAL] Initial Data Center Consolidation Initiative TemplateGuidanceGuidance, Historical04/30/2010
[HISTORICAL] Great Lakes IT Center (Public/Private Hosting) Fact SheetData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Report05/01/2010
Social Media, Web-Based Interactive Technologies, and the Paperwork Reduction ActGeneralTraining & Info05/17/2010
State of Public Sector Cloud ComputingCloudReport05/20/2010
Federal Government Collaboration Space Study AnalysisEnterprise ArchitectureReport05/21/2010
[HISTORICAL] FDDCI Initial Plans MemoData Center ConsolidationCIO Council, Historical05/26/2010
[HISTORICAL] FDCCI Workshop IData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Presentation06/04/2010
[HISTORICAL] FDCCI Final Inventory Baseline TemplateData Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical06/10/2010
[HISTORICAL] FDCCI Final Inventory Baseline Template (In Rows)Data Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical06/10/2010
[HISTORICAL] FDDCI Workshop IIData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Presentation06/11/2010
[HISTORICAL] FDDCI Workshop: DHS Lessons LearnedData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Presentation06/11/2010
[HISTORICAL] Initial Consolidation Plan TemplateData Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical06/11/2010
[HISTORICAL] 2011 FDCCI Final Consolidation Plan and Progress GuidanceData Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical06/12/2010
[HISTORICAL] Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative Final Baseline IntentoryData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Report06/24/2010
[HISTORICAL] Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative Initial Data Center Consolidation PlanData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Report06/24/2010
[HISTORICAL] FDCCI Final Inventory Baseline GuidanceData Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical06/24/2010
[HISTORICAL] Michigan CIO Presentation on Four Phase Data Center Consolidation ApproachData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Presentation06/28/2010
Department of Homeland Security Privacy Office Guide to Implementing PrivacyPrivacyTraining & Info06/29/2010
Best Practices: Elements of a Federal Privacy ProgramPrivacyTraining & Info06/30/2010
[HISTORICAL] FDCCI Initial Consolidation Plan ExampleData Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical06/30/2010
Immediate Review of Financial Systems IT Projects, M-10-26GeneralGuidance07/02/2010
Clarifying Cybersecurity Responsibilities and Activities of the Executive Office of the President and the Department of Homeland Security, M-10-28GeneralGuidance07/06/2010
Vivek Kundra Testimony on TestimonyTestimony07/07/2010
Improving the Accessibility of Government InformationGeneralGuidance07/19/2010
[HISTORICAL] FDCCI Final Consolidation Plan TemplateData Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical08/08/2010
[HISTORICAL] FDCCI Final Consolidation Plan GuidanceData Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical08/08/2010
[HISTORICAL] FDDCI Workshop IIIData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Presentation08/10/2010
[HISTORICAL] FDCCI Final Inventory Baseline - Agency SummaryData Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical08/10/2010
The United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) and candidate settings for Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8GeneralGuidance08/19/2010
Privacy Recommendations for the Use of Cloud Computing by Federal Departments and AgenciesCloudGuidance08/20/2010
[HISTORICAL] South Dakota Data Center ConsolidationData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Report08/20/2010
[HISTORICAL] Utah Data Center Consolidation Case StudyData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Report08/20/2010
[HISTORICAL] Michigan 2007 NASCIO Best Practice Award SummaryData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Report08/20/2010
[HISTORICAL] Michigan Cloud Strategic Plan Appendix K 2010-2014Data Center ConsolidationHistorical, Report08/20/2010
Scholarship For Service Briefing WorkforceTraining & Info09/11/2010
U.S. Access Board MeetingAccessibilityTraining & Info09/21/2010
OMB Memo: Transition to IPv6IPv6Guidance09/28/2010
Update on the Federal Data Center Consolidation InitiativeData Center ConsolidationReport10/02/2010
Accountable Government InitiativeGeneralGuidance10/08/2010
U.S. Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) Highlights: Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8GeneralGuidance10/10/2010
Health Information Technology GuidanceGeneralGuidance10/21/2010
25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal Information Technology ManagementGeneralReport12/09/2010
Memo For CIOs: Technology Neutrality GeneralPresentation01/07/2011
2011 ITWCA Fact SheetWorkforceReport01/13/2011
2011 ITWCA FAQWorkforceReport01/13/2011
Delivering for the American PeopleGeneralReport01/31/2011
Building Capacity for a Digital Nation-Cyber Education (NICE Track 2)GeneralReport02/04/2011
Cybersecurity Workforce Structure (NICE Track 3)GeneralReport02/04/2011
Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity Education (NICE Overview)GeneralReport02/04/2011
Stop.Think. Connect – Cyber Awareness (NICE Track 1)GeneralReport02/04/2011
Federal Cloud Computing StrategyCloudGuidance02/08/2011
Vivek Kundra Federal Cloud Computing StrategyCloudReport02/16/2011
Agency Cloud Migrations (IT Reform)CloudReport03/01/2011
Enterprise Email in the CloudCloudCIO Council03/08/2011
Agency Information Exchange Functional Standards EvaluationEnterprise ArchitectureReport04/13/2011
Evaluation of the National Information Exchange Model across the Federal GovernmentEnterprise ArchitectureReport04/13/2011
Final Guidance on Implementing the Plain Writing Act of 2010GeneralGuidance04/14/2011
IT Project Management Training ResourcesWorkforceReport04/20/2011
[HISTORICAL] DCCTF Signed Charter (May 2011)Data Center ConsolidationHistorical, Report05/25/2011
Memo to CIOs: The Federal Data Center Consolidation InitiativeData Center ConsolidationGuidance07/20/2011
Section 508 Leadership Core Competency ModelAccessibilityGuidance08/18/2011
Prize Authority in the America COMPETES Reauthorization ActGeneralReport08/19/2011
[HISTORICAL] Federal Data Center Consolidation Task Force Forum - August 30, 2011Data Center ConsolidationHistorical, Report08/30/2011
Memo For CIOs: Requirements for Accepting Externally-Issued Identity CredentialsGeneralReport10/06/2011
Considerations and Lessons Learned for Federal Agency Implementation of DNS Security Extensions and E-mail AuthenticationGeneralCIO Council11/01/2011
Federal Government Adoption of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)Frequently Asked Questions Updated: November 4, 2011IPv6Training & Info11/09/2011
Cybersecurity Workforce Development Matrix Resource Guide (Final) Oct 2011GeneralGuidance12/05/2011
Cybersecurity Workforce Development Matrix Resource Guide Oct 2011WorkforceGuidance12/05/2011
Memo for CIOs: Security Authorization of Information Systems in Cloud Computing EnvironmentsCloudGuidance12/08/2011
IT UpdateGeneralGuidance12/08/2011
Techstat ReportGeneralGuidance12/08/2011
December-2011 UpdateGeneralReport01/04/2012
Creating Effective Cloud Computing Contracts for the Federal Government: Best Practices for Acquiring IT as a ServiceCloudReport02/27/2012
Memo to CIOs: Implementation Guidance for the Federal Data Center Consolidation lnitiativeData Center ConsolidationGuidance03/19/2012
2011 Information Technology Workforce Capability Assessment Survey Results ReportWorkforceReport04/16/2012
Common Approach to Federal Enterprise ArchitectureEnterprise ArchitectureReport05/02/2012
Federal IT Shared Services StrategyShared ServicesReport05/02/2012
OMB Shared Approach MemoShared ServicesReport05/02/2012
Summary Report on National Dialogue on Improving Management of the Section 508 ProgramAccessibilityReport05/16/2012
[HISTORICAL] FAQ May 2012 Update V1Data Center ConsolidationHistorical, Training & Info06/05/2012
[HISTORICAL] FDCCI -- DOT Best Practices Small Large Scale Consolidation v1Data Center ConsolidationHistorical, Training & Info06/05/2012
[HISTORICAL] FDCCI USDA TAsk Force Best Pratices Deck May302012_FinalData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Training & Info06/05/2012
[HISTORICAL] EPA Energy Stat for Data Center Products-UPSData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Report06/05/2012
[HISTORICAL] 2011 Inventory Template Data Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical06/05/2012
Planning Guide/Roadmap Toward IPv6 Adoption within the U.S. GovernmentIPv6Guidance07/12/2012
[HISTORICAL] General Services Administration Shared Cloud Platform ModelData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Report07/16/2012
[HISTORICAL] Agency 2012 Data Center Consolidation Plan & Progress Companion GuidanceData Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical08/06/2012
[HISTORICAL] 2012 Data Center Consolidation Plan Data - TemplateData Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical08/06/2012
[HISTORICAL] Consolidation Plan Companion GuideData Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical08/09/2012
Bring Your Own Device ToolkitDigital Government StrategyReport08/23/2012
Digital Services Governance RecommendationsDigital Government StrategyReport08/23/2012
DHS Section 508 Applicable Standards WorksheetAccessibilityTraining & Info09/05/2012
[HISTORICAL] Data Center Inventory TemplateData Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical09/12/2012
[HISTORICAL] FDCCI Inventory Template GuideData Center ConsolidationGuidance, Historical09/12/2012
[HISTORICAL] FDCCI Inventory Data FieldsData Center ConsolidationHistorical, Training & Info09/12/2012
Software Development LifecycleGeneralGuidance09/28/2012
[HISTORICAL] Treasury and Fiscal IT DCCI Lessons LearnedData Center ConsolidationCIO Council, Historical10/11/2012
CIO Council CharterGeneralCIO Council11/14/2012
Recommendations for Standardized Implementation of Digital Privacy ControlsDigital Government StrategyCIO Council12/06/2012
Government Use of Mobile TechnologyDigital Government StrategyCIO Council12/06/2012
2012 Clinger-Cohen Core CompetenciesWorkforceCIO Council12/17/2012
Richard Spires (DHS) Testimony Before the House Committee on Oversight and Government ReformTestimonyTestimony02/27/2013
A Practical Guide to Federal Service Oriented Architecture (PGFSOA) v1.1Enterprise ArchitectureReport03/26/2013
Recommended Executive Branch Model Policy/Guidance on "Limited Personal Use" of Government Office Equipment including Information TechnologyGeneralReport03/26/2013
Fiscal Year 2013 PortfolioStat Guidance: Strengthening Federal IT Portfolio ManagementPortfolio ManagementGuidance03/27/2013
2012 Information Technology Workforce Assessment for Cybersecurity (ITWAC) Summary ReportWorkforceReport04/03/2013
2012 Information Technology Workforce Assessment for Cybersecurity (ITWAC) Summary Report BriefingWorkforceReport04/03/2013
The Cybersecurity Workforece Planning Diagnostic Interactive Diagnostic ToolWorkforcePresentation04/03/2013
Federal Information Technology FY 2014 Budget PrioritiesGeneralPresentation04/10/2013
Shared Services Implementation GuideShared ServicesCIO Council04/16/2013
OMB Memo: Open Data Policy - Managing Information as an Asset Digital Government StrategyOMB Memo05/09/2013
Bernard Mazer Testimony on Benefits and Challenges of Cloud Computing and the Optimization of Data Centers for the Federal GovernmentTestimonyTestimony05/14/2013
Mobile Computing Decision Framework (Appendix B)GeneralCIO Council05/22/2013
Federal Mobile Security Baseline (Appendix A)GeneralCIO Council05/22/2013
Mobile Security Reference ArchitectureGeneralCIO Council05/22/2013
Federal Mobile Security BaselineGeneralCIO Council05/22/2013
Commercial Mobile Application Adoption (DGS Milestone #5.4)Digital Government StrategyCIO Council05/22/2013
Mobile Computing Decision FrameworkGeneralCIO Council05/22/2013
Frank Baitman Testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on DHS and Government AffairsTestimonyTestimony06/11/2013
Simon Szykman Testimony on Reducing Duplication and Improving Outcomes in Federal Information TechnologyTestimonyTestimony06/11/2013
Steve VanRoekel Testimony on Reducing Duplication and Improving Outcomes in Federal Information TechnologyTestimonyTestimony06/11/2013
Privacy Best Practices for Social MediaPrivacyCIO Council07/23/2013
CIO Council ReorganizationCouncil DocumentsPresentation08/08/2013
Federal IT PM Guidance Matrix2GuidanceGuidance08/28/2013
Sample Section 508 EIT Accessibility PolicyAccessibilityGuidance08/28/2013
DCCTF Signed Charter V 2.1 Data Center ConsolidationReport09/13/2013
Use of Electronic Signatures in Federal TransactionsGeneralCIO Council03/24/2014
IPv6 FAQ November 2011IPv6Training & Info04/16/2014
OMB Memo: Fiscal Year 2014 PortfolioStatPortfolio ManagementOMB Memo05/07/2014
Cloud Computing One Cloud Does Not Fit All: Adopting a Secure Cloud for Government CloudPresentation05/29/2014
Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996GeneralGuidance06/10/2014
E-Government Act of 2002GeneralGuidance06/10/2014
The Data Disclosure Decision - Department Of Education Case StudyCouncil DocumentsCIO Council03/10/2015
Connecting Data Through Mission - Department Of Transportation Case StudyCouncil Documents, GeneralCIO Council05/11/2015
Open Data Prioritization Toolkit WorkbookCouncil Documents, GeneralCIO Council, Training & Info08/04/2015
Open Data Prioritization Toolkit Summary (HTML)Council Documents, GeneralCIO Council, Training & Info08/12/2015
Leveraging Data Through Partnerships - USAID Case StudyCouncil Documents, GeneralCIO Council08/31/2015
Products Over Data - USDA ERS Case StudyCouncil DocumentsCIO Council09/03/2015
State of Federal IT (SOFIT) ReportCouncil DocumentsCIO Council01/19/2017
Developer Platforms: Shared Services for Common Developer-Focused APIs and ServicesCouncil DocumentsCIO Council03/03/2017